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Surabhi Dewra

Surabhi is an engineer, entrepreneur, and career counsellor. She has been working in career guidance space since 2011 and established CareerGuide in the year 2015 with an aim to serve young students and parents in helping choose a career by striking a balance in the student's aptitude and attitude. As the founder of the company, Surabhi handles various roles such as product development, training & counselling, budget planning and allocation; designing marketing and PR communications, hiring talent, building team, fundraising & investor relationship, and curating a work culture that is fulfilling to the associates of the company. Surabhi graduated from one of the most prestigious institutes of India- BITS, Pilani - with a degree in EEE. Right after engineering, she joined the semi-conductor industry and worked on the design of wireless products. Surabhi volunteered with the NGOs of Indian states - UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh - to understand the psychology of young ones and also what they lacked in their system of learning. Those experiences helped her set up CareerGuide, and she uses the insights even today in her role as a counselor. Her insights have helped CareerGuide to mobilize close to 5 million students/year across the globe to access career counseling before choosing a career. It has brought awareness about making an informed-career choice which was uncommon a few years ago. As an entrepreneur, Surabhi is passionate about finding solutions to problems. She is strong-willed and displays a never-give-up attitude. As a woman entrepreneur, she believes more women should join leadership roles. She is a popular voice on education, career counseling, and women in leadership on television. She actively participates in contributing to government policies on education and visits colleges and schools for raising awareness on making the right career choice


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