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The gathering doesn't just pose questions but throws out endless possibilities and opportunities
~ Business Standard
CareerGuide brings a three-day extravaganza filled with knowledge and interest
~ Times of India

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What Members Are Saying

"While a lot of webinars have sprung up after the pandemic, this was nothing like a normal video lecture. I got to question some of my personal idols and it really inspired me."

Nandini Kaur
<Member, Career Summit/>

"I was a part of several sessions, I logged in for a single session but then found myself coming back for the others. Received a pretty cool certificate at the end too."

Anshul Khattar
<Member, Career Summit/>

"Its more than just a livestream, its an event. Had a good time with diverse panelists and a plethora of sessions that I stuck around for. Worth recommending to colleagues and friends"

Varun Malik
<Panel Speaker/>

"Great people to work with - we connected with so many individuals and grew into a community that helps our consumer relations till date, and to top it off, some good learning""

Aditya Kapoor
<Event Sponsor/>

“Enriching sessions. I was present for several live interactions as a member in the previous summit and the answers I received from some great speakers really left an impact on me."”

Arjun Mohan
<Member, Career Summit/>

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India's leading career counselling platform CareerGuide has been helping nurture young minds for over 8 years and has conducted 100K+ comprehensive psychometric tests, helped resolve 3.5M members' issues. We're a strong community of counsellors, prestigious university alumni and serial entrepreneurs, with a passion to help others achieve their dreams with the same pomp.


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