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Keynote by Jasmin Waldmann (International Life Coach) on coping with Career Pressure.


International Life Coach

Jasmin Waldmann is an International Life Coach whose positive aura reflects even in the phrases she uses - no don’ts or can’ts or won’ts, only endless possibilities with the Self. Jasmin takes you on journeys into your inner self and make you explore your hidden strengths. She helps you draw them out from the depths of your mind and seize every single day. Jasmin takes into the power zones of your mind and show you the way to calm down and how to strengthening your strengths. In this fast-paced, stress-filled chaotic world, the German Life Coach aims to be the island of needed change/transformation and thus inner peace. She is one of the most qualified Life Coaches in India. The German has conceptualized and conducted many seminars, delivered speeches, appeared in multiple TV shows across Germany and has wide-ranging knowledge and expertise in everything from self-leadership, meditation to weight management. She will put as many efforts as needed to understand the sources of the problem, apart taking care of the symptoms too.


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