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Rules and Regulations

Important Dates

»   Nominations closing on 15 August 2024.


Registration Procedure


 Eligibility Criteria:


Inviting nominations at the Career Changemakers Awards from, 

» Schools, colleges, and universities that have driven excellent placements and helped students in career-readiness to face any situation. 

» The entrepreneurs and individuals who have contributed and encouraged career-readiness by helping many find their calling in life. 

Please note that any event/activation that has begun or ended in this stipulated period, but not completed or started within the period, may be considered valid as long as a substantial part of the campaign falls within August 2024.




» Nominations are now open.

» Nominations may be filed by individuals, founders, or authorized persons for their Edutech start-up/company for any of the given categories. 

» An organization or individual can file or nominate in various categories  

» We have a two-week deadline to fill and submit the application from the date of receipt, failing which the nomination will be cancelled and will have to be re-applied



» All material submitted must be as per standard specifications and material deadlines

» Career ChangeMakers Awards will not accept responsibility for errors or omissions in any reproduction. 

» An entry may be considered accepted upon realization of the payment for the respective entry through online mode only. 

» Once submitted, the entry cannot be withdrawn or appended. 


The entry fee is as follows:

»  For each Entry Rs. 8000(GST included)




» The entry may be entered into, as many relevant categories. Each category has different criteria. Therefore, your written submission will need to be amended accordingly. 

» A School/Institute/Individual can enter as many different projects as they wish, provided they adhere to the entry criteria. 

» It is assumed that all entries submitted to us are original works done by the entrant and that the entrant is authorized to submit the work and other details on behalf of the client/organization for which it was done. Failure in following this condition will result in disqualification of the entry/entries. 

» Entry deadlines may be extended at the discretion of the organizers. 

» The organizers may contact the client related to any entry at the request of the jury at any time during the selection process should any questions about the implementation or presentation of the work arise. 

» The decision of the Jury in all matters relating to awards will be final and binding. 

» In the event of a complaint against any winning or shortlisted entry, the organizers will conduct a full investigation into each case and will request detailed documentation from all parties concerned including the complainant, the entrants, and the client. 

» The organizers will withdraw an award if the complaint is upheld. 

» Submission of an entry is deemed as confirmation of your acceptance of all our terms and conditions. 


Process of Selection:



» For the initial screening/evaluation parameters for organizations, a sturdy framework will be utilized. 

» A team of experts specially chosen for the task will then evaluate and shortlist the nominees based on the points scored by the organization. The evaluation is conducted on a defined set of parameters for each of the categories. 

» Prospective finalists will then be called upon to present themselves via a zoom or phone call to the jury. 


This is the procedure that will be followed for every category of awards.


Final Selection:


» A jury carefully picked for the occasion having in-depth knowledge of the Edutech ecosystem from India and abroad consisting of eminent personalities such as CEO of such companies, thought leaders, investors among others, will evaluate the shortlisted entries. 

» The jury will then decide the winner only after taking into consideration, the information on the entry form and other details or documents submitted by the nominee along with the entry form, the zoom call for the final presentation, and any other such activity which will be deemed necessary by them. 

» An invitation will be sent to the finalists in complete confidentiality two weeks preceding the event. 

» The winner will be announced and awarded during the Grand award ceremony. 




» Be recognized as an industry leader in your domain 

» Enhance business-generation capability as a result of the recognition 

» Garner greater investor interest in your field. 

» Create a stronger self-brand to attract high-quality talent. 

» Acquire Brand awareness through media coverage. 



The reward for the Winners:


a) Award Certificate of Honour.

b) The winner’s profile will be promoted among our discord community of over 50,000 people.

c) Our media partners and outreach sponsors will promote the profile via social media and their respective online platforms.

d) Our official website will carry a shareable link to your profile.

e) Professional Video Creative featuring you as an awardee.


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