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About The Speaker

Divas Gupta

Divas Gupta is India's leading Public Speaking Coach, a Master's Career Practitioner certified by CEAV Australia, with a foundation in management from IIM. He is based in Dehradun, India. He owes his academic strength to Brightlands School and has instilled deep-rooted values. These values have helped him to serve his students and followers by adding more value to their lives. His two years at IIM Kashipur studying management helped him to grow his company and create a global footprint as a coach. He is a coach, mentor, handcraft trainer, and psychomteric study analyst and helps you to create a better way for yourself. He resonates with Life & Relationship, personal growth, Finding your Ikigai, Entrepreneurship, and Public Speaking. Various brands like Infosys, Saga, Foss, etc. trust him. His purpose is to transform your outlook toward life and business growth.


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