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New Age Careers In Technology

New Age Careers In Technology

Two decades ago, when you took science, there were limited career options. One could either become an Engineer or a Doctor. And if neither appeals to you, then the only option left was to take commerce. But in today’s technologically advancing world, there are endless possibilities.

Who knew that the things we loved to do as teenagers could actually become our full-time professions. Be it gaming, social media, or simply browsing the internet. Today we have 2 BITS Pilani Alumni, Mr. Swetansu Mohapatra, Entrepreneur, Ms. Surabhi Dewra, founder of CareerGuide.com, and Ms. Ruja Sutaria, a certified Master Career Guide to talk about 20 such emerging new-age career options that are transforming the job market. Some attractive GIVEAWAYS are in it too.

Mr. Swetanshu Mohapatra is an entrepreneur with a focus on innovation in technology including SaaS Products, Network Marketplaces, Education, Healthcare and Renewable Energy. He has worked with cross-functional teams across diverse industry domains from EdTech and FoodTech to Productivity, SaaS and Finance. He has also been part of multiple products, hiring and fundraising lifecycles, at various stages of startups. He is also also a Poet, Author and a great Storyteller.

Ms. Ruja Sutaria is Mcom, CA, CFP by profession and an Educator, a Certified Career Counsellor and an Analyst & Life-skill trainer by choice. She offers counselling to kids and adults through psychometric assessment & conducts financial literacy/awareness & Life-skill workshops for teenagers/adults. She also conducts sessions for Rubik’s cube training, Vedic & School math and mind games, puzzles & skill-focused activities.

Who can attend: Parents | 10th, 11th, 12th Students | College students | Counsellors | Teachers

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  • Type of Event: Virtual
  • Platform: Zoom

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May 21 2022


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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Purva Kankaria
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